50 Best Bites in Paris for Foodies and Travelers

While even die-hard foodies never say no to another crepe or croissant, Paris offers far more culinary delights than these stereotypical morsels. Whether you’re a fan of French cuisine, or just can’t resist a tasty dish, here’s a list of the top 50 things you need to eat when you’re visiting Paris. Let’s be honest, some of these are almost worth planning a trip to Paris for.

1. Steak Tartare

Raw beef may not be your idea of fine dining, but don’t discount this dish yet. It’s iconic, memorable and a quintessential French experience.

2. Absinthe

This might be a great way to wash down steak tartare if you don’t find it favorable. Absinthe is a strong liquor that comes in more than 65 varieties.

3. Ile Flottante

A delectable dessert featuring a mound of creme anglaise and a baked meringue. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

4. Escargot

Yes, it’s snails. Parisians actually eat this unusual choice, and prepared with herbs and garlic they may actually grow on you, very slowly.

5. Croque-Monsieur

It may instantly classify you as a tourist, but a well-made grilled ham and cheese sandwich is a great bite for travelers.

6. Frog Legs

Another unusual animal, these actual frog legs can be served plain, or with tomatoes and herbs. It’s another French classic that is hard to find elsewhere.

7. Beef Bourguignon

Finally a meat dish you may be familiar with. A French take on beef stew wins the hearts of even the most picky foodies.

8. Praluline

Unique to the restaurant Pralus, this butter-filled delight comes with candied almonds. The perfect brioche for sweet tooths.

9. Foie Gras

The liver of a typically force-fattened duck or goose, foie gras is a delicious and morally questionable dish that classic French cooking at its best.

10. Cream Puff

Don’t be fooled with artificial, mass-produced varieties. True cream puffs from a master French baker are unlike anything you’ve tasted.

11. Cupcakes

Again, the hand of an expert shines through these simple, yet delicious treats.

12. French Onion Soup

Maybe too obvious, but travelers love this classic dish in the motherland.

13. Sweet Crepe

Whether you choose berries, nutella, ice cream or chocolate, you can’t go wrong in Paris.

14. Roquefort With Quince Paste

Delicious, delectable and full of mouth-watering cheese. Try it in a classic Latin Quarter restaurant.

15. Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Similar to the Croque-Monsieur, it’s simple, but effective.

16. Meringues

Light and heavenly. You’re probably beginning to understand why Paris is known for bakeries.

17. Coq au Vin

Chicken stew, with a French twist. A nice, warm meal for a rainy day in France.

18. Couscous

Not technically French, but there’s plenty of delicious varieties served throughout the city.

19. Southwestern Salad

Classic ingredients from southwestern France, get ready for plenty of duck meat and fried potatoes.

20. Pralines

True French pastries made with sugar and almonds. A light and tasty treat.

21. Tasting Menu

Go to a renown French restaurant and choose the tasting menu for a culinary adventure for foodies.

22. Cheese Fondue

Gooey, warm cheese typically served with wine. A traveler’s dream.

23. Sole Meuniere

A delectable fish with rich butter sauce. It’s a great option for authentic French cooking.

24. Craft Beer

Don’t let all the wine fool you. France has a growing industry of premium microbreweries, so you won’t want to miss a chance for great beer.

25. Basquiat Pizza

Check it out at the Pink Flamingo. This dried fig, ham and Gorgonzola pizza is as tasty as it is unique.

You’ve probably got the idea by now. There’s plenty of bakeries, cafes and fine-dining restaurants to keep even the most adventurous foodies satisfied for a long time. If you’ve conquered the top 25 dishes and delights in Paris, be sure to check out the next 25 best options.


  • Salted Butter Caramel
  • Cheese Platter
  • Hot Chocolate a l’ancienne
  • Cafe Creme
  • Baguette de Tradition
  • Profiteroles
  • Fig Gelato
  • Choucroute
  • Oysters
  • Chocolate
  • Croissant
  • Duck
  • L’hamburger
  • Baba au Rhum
  • Macaron
  • Savory Crepe
  • Financier
  • Bloody Mary
  • Roast Chicken and Fries
  • Eclairs
  • Falafel
  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate and Pistachio Escargot
  • Lemon Tart
  • Steak Frites

Paris is a beautiful city for travelers. Picturesque cafes and quiet side-streets are full of the smell of fresh bread, the bustle of busy Parisians and the faint aroma of coffee, perfume and other enticing fragrances. Discover these foods, as well as other popular French cooking, in one of the best food cities in the world.