6 Can’t-Miss Dining Locations in Uruguay

For many foodies who enjoy the adventure of traveling, sampling the local cuisine can become the highlight of a trip. Uruguay is no different than more famous locations when it comes to great local food. While many people come for the fantastic beaches and pristine scenery, it’s the food that can bring the experience to a whole new level. From bold presentation and enticing aromas to flavors that leave you wanting one more bite, here are six can’t-miss dining locations you’ll want to visit on your trip.


1. La Susana: Perfect for Beach-Side Dining

The Bahia Vik hotel located in Jose Ignacio contains one of the most memorable restaurants for beach-side dining in the area. While it is only open for lunch, this location serves superb food. Better yet, the seating is right on the beach itself.


2. La Huella: Worth a Repeat Experience

One of the biggest compliments foodies can pay a restaurant is to return for another meal. Located in Jose Ignacio, La Huella is one restaurant that may just capture both your heart and stomach. This eatery even serves pasta prepared with traditional local flavors.


3. Fasano Hotel: A High Class Experience

With a menu that ranges from octopus carpaccio to poolside BBQ, the cuisine at the Fasano Hotel is as exquisite as you would expect from looking at the property. Located in Punte del Este, the large premises is comprised of modern architecture that works well with the surrounding nature.


4. Restaurante Garzon: Listed Among the Best

For those foodies who keep a list of places to eat around the world, the Restaurante Garzon, located in the town of Garzon, may be near the top. From complementary starter bread to dessert, the food is as spectacular as the atmosphere. With lemons on the table and a pool at the restaurant’s center, the experience may be every bit as good as the meal.


5. Perla: A Local Favorite

Many travelers often expect to find the best restaurants in the bigger cities, but this neighborhood favorite is on par. Located in Cabo Polonia, a national park with fewer than 50 residents, Perla has been referred to as “the best restaurant in the country,” by many of the locals.


6. La Oleda: Quiet and Full of Charm

Sometimes after a long day of playing tourist many foodies seek out a quiet place to relax and enjoy their next meal. La Oleda located in Jose Ignacio, may have just the right touch. Open air seating allows for the meal to be enjoyed in the fresh sea breeze as some tables are located around an outdoor fire pit.

Come for the Scenery Stay for the Food

Uruguay is truly a beautiful country. There are many activities to participate in and breathtaking sites to view, but it’s the food that may steal your heart. Not only can these restaurants provide an amazing dining experience, but their seasoning and presentation can leave you looking forward to a second trip. With so many options to choose from, you can rest assured that the amazing flavors of the local cuisine can satisfy many foodies palates.