Get the Most Out of Your St. Thomas Vacation

The US Virgin Islands capture the beauty of the Caribbean from the vantage point of small islands without the plethora of visitors seen elsewhere. St. Thomas is the island chains cosmopolitan hub featuring beaches, adventure and history at every turn. Despite Hurricane Irma’s best efforts to destroy the islands last summer, they are bouncing back with plenty for the adventurous soul to do.



The islands are surrounded by the beauty of the Caribbean with the sparkling water and sandy beaches the area is known for. With such small acreage, the islands provide an unsurpassed view of the beauty of nature. Some of the areas worth checking out in the area include:

  • Take a ten-minute ferry ride to the newest island chain member—Water Island, a tiny island rarely crowded with sites such as Honeymoon Bay.
  • Magens Bay is the stuff of dreams and likely the most popular beach on the island.
  • Fewer people check out the beauty provided by the beaches of Morningstar, Coki and Sapphire.



An island is the perfect place for adventure of all kinds. From the ocean to the mountains, St. Thomas has a little something for everyone.

  • Overlook the water while you munch on delicious island fare at Abi Beach Bar with the lapping ocean waves soothing your mind.
  • Rent a boat for an all-day boat adventure on the water.
  • Phantasea Botanical Garden provides a welcome quiet escape from the bustle of the tourist attractions and carries over 1,000 orchids and a host of other flowering plants.
  • Enjoy a cocktail at the Mountain Top bar on the highest point on the island.
  • Get in some exercise by climbing the 99 steps in Charlotte Amalie, a San Francisco-esque Dutch city.
  • Coral World Ocean Park gives tours of the coral reef as well as sea creature encounters with sea turtles, sharks and stingrays.
  • Dive in the water to see the scenery beneath the waves with Virgin Island EcoTours and swim beneath mangrove canopies.
  • Check out Magic Ice complete with an ice bar and American ice sculptures created by 16 artists.
  • Go sailing on a tour through both the US and British Virgin Islands whether a seasoned yachtsman or with an operator.
  • Experience the delicious Caribbean fare with a food tour on the island.



The islands are full of historical things of interest to embrace, view and explore. St. Thomas was founded by the Dutch with plenty of influence from dreaded pirates. Take a stroll to embark on some of the historic treasures around the island.

  • Historic Charlotte Amalie is the main city on the island and home to the 1860s built Government House and the 1680 Dano-Norwegian Fort Christian.
  • One of the newest attractions is the Pirates Treasure Shipwreck Museum to explore the world of shipwrecks and the bounty of pirate history on display.
  • Jews fleeing from the Spanish Inquisition made the island home building the second-oldest synagogue in the western hemisphere.

Soak up the sun on pristine beaches, enjoy a delicious drink with a spectacular view or shop for souvenirs at the available shops. St. Thomas offers so much to see and do making it a perfect tropical destination.