A Concise Guide to The Yacht Week Croatia

The Yacht Week has sailed the Croatia route since 2006. Croatia is the most popular flotilla organized by European Travel Ventures. There are typically about 50 yachts sailing the original Red and Black route and about 50 more on the alternative Black and Red routes every Yacht Week. If you want to spend a week on the Adriatic Sea, you will need to charter a watercraft and join a crew.

The Yacht Week operates for seven weeks during July, August, and September. Each week-long excursion starts with arrivals on Saturday afternoon. The week draws to a close with a return to the original marina on Friday afternoon for a closing party followed by checkout on the following Saturday morning. While fun does happen naturally on these voyages, you are more likely to have a great time if you plan ahead.



You will need to book a watercraft to sail during The Yacht Week. Most of your costs are determined by the vessel you choose and the size of the crew. The crew shares mutual expenses such as hiring a skipper, an optional onboard host, and port fees. Keep the gender ratio requirements in mind if you plan on sailing with a group of friends. The organizers try to preserve an equal gender balance. You can also rely on the Crew Finder to assemble or join a crew.

Factor in additional adventures and whether you want to seek out the culture of Croatia beyond The Yacht Week. Structure these goals around the schedule of planned events. Each week starts with arrivals, check-in, and stocking the watercraft. If you hire a host, you will not need to worry about tracking down food and supplies. The yachts set sail between four and six in the afternoon on the starting Saturday.



The Yacht Week involves many daytime and nighttime events. Make a splash at raft parties and dock for dinners and dancing. Some highlights include daytime and nighttime parties on Hvar, a notorious party in a castle at Fort George, and the final regatta race.

Croatia is known for beautiful scenery, but the main attraction during Yacht Week is the sailing. Other options include mid-day swims in Natural Bay, Krka National Park, and the Green and Blue Caves on Vis. You can also do yoga or go paddle boarding. Keep in mind that you may have to contend with unpredictable weather.

Skilled sailors may be interested in taking the wheel, but this route often forces skippers to rely on motors due to insufficient winds and is tightly scheduled. Your trip will be more relaxing if you do not have to worry about navigation or maintaining the vessel yourself. You should also avoid sailing drunk or tired, and you will probably not want to leave a party early. Participants tend to appreciate The Yacht Week more if they hire an experienced skipper.



Some Yacht Week expenses are shared among a crew, while others are personal. Expect to share the cost of chartering and fueling a watercraft. The size of the yacht you choose will impact the cost of the trip. A 10-person monohull is about half the price of a catamaran. Port and marina fees can range from $75 to over $100 a night. The expense of parties, and particularly events with bottle service, can also add up.

Purchasing groceries and necessities in Croatia is not overly expensive. Whether you stock up a boat yourself or hire a host, you should set aside funds for food, drinks, and supplies. All boats have stovetops and small refrigerators and some catamarans have barbecue equipment. You should also consider obtaining travel insurance to safeguard against risks or unexpected costs while sailing or in port.


Alternative Routes

The original Red and Black route is well known and attracts tourists from around the world. The alternative Black and Red route stops at the same islands on different days. Another opportunity to sail the Adriatic Sea is the Croatia ULTRA route during the ULTRA Music Festival.

The Yacht Week Croatia features the most extensive sailing route and a wide selection of activities at sea and in port. No matter when you decide to sail, you are sure to enjoy the culture and beautiful scenery of this exotic locale.