The Traveler’s Experience: Granada, Spain

To many tourists, Granada is known for one monument: The Alhambra. It’s no surprise why, this walled fortress includes 13th to 15th century Moorish palaces! Every year, tourists flock to the Alhambra. While you should undoubtedly see the Alhambra if you travel to Granada, you should also take the time to experience the city. Where its ancient monuments and buildings may overshadow the city for tourists, the city is rich with culture.


Life and Culture in Granada

In the summer, Granada is bustling with tourism. In the fall and winter, as the months grow colder, tourism begins to slow, but no doubt people still travel to the city. Part of the journey is to experience the place that you visit. Enjoy yourself on the square atop one of the Albayzin hills. Locals and travelers alike gather there. Here, you can experience street musicians, local conversation as well as a beautiful view of the city and the Alhambra. Allow yourself to experience the city and local life.


Food and Drink in Granada

If you travel to Granada, then odds are you already know about tapas. Tapas are appetizers that you can find for free around Granada. Generally, between 1pm to 4pm and from 9pm to 12am, you can have a glass of wine at a bar and receive a free tapa of your choice from the menu. When looking for the best food, don’t turn away from the joints that look a little more run-down. Oftentimes, these bars and restaurants serve the best food. If you want to experience the cuisine authentically, choose the places less traveled by tourists. In addition to the local bars, check out the Arabic teahouses in lower Granada. If the weather is cooler, there is nothing quite like enjoying a warm cup of tea in a new place.


Scenic Walks in Granada

Now, one of the most scenic places that you can visit near Granada is the Sierra Nevada. The national park is near the suburbs to the east of Granada. If you love visiting nature or trekking through beautiful mountains, you don’t want to miss out on Sierra Nevada.

If you’re more interested in remaining in the city, consider the Carrera del Darro. When you travel this street, it takes you through the city along the River Darro. In a few places, the street is only a couple of meters wide. On one side, you may have the view of the river and on the other, Renaissance buildings. This is, by far, one of the most romantic and scenic walks in the city.

Your journey to Granada, Spain will be an adventure that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life. The city is so rich with people and culture. Likewise, you will come to realize how welcoming to adventurers the city is. While you should always visit the ancient monuments that Granada is famous for, it’s important to take part in the city itself, to enjoy what makes it so special, aside from its beautiful landmarks. Granada is one of those cities you may even travel to twice.