Atlanta Is an Exciting City With Lots To Do and See

Atlanta (formerly nicknamed Terminus) is a storied city of the American Southeast. While this jewel of the south is home to many major brands like CNN and Coca-Cola, it also has a ton of history and culture, including its status as a pillar of the Civil Rights Movement.

While you might think that this city might not have much to offer, you would be dead-wrong. Just about everyone who has visited Atlanta has had at least one amazing experience and several notable films and television shows, like Baby Driver, The Walking Dead and multiple films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have been filmed within the city and its surroundings. Provided below are several different places to go and things to see that ought to cover a wide variety of interests. Some are known for their food while others are known as unique experiences unavailable anywhere else on the planet.

1 - Zoo Atlanta

Established all the way back in 1889, this accredited zoo has since become one of the best zoos within the United States of America. Notable features of this storied locale include

  • A habitat for western lowland gorillas, featuring several offspring of Willie B., the park's most prolific gorilla who was born in 1959 and resided in the park until 2000.
  • The African Plains, which showcases many animals local to Africa's grasslands and deserts, such as lions, hornbills and meerkats.
  • Zoo Atlanta is one of only three American locales that are allowed to showcase giant pandas.
  • Outback Station showcases animals that would normally be found living throughout Australia.
  • An impressive reptile house.

2 - The Vortex

While you could go anywhere to grab a basic burger, The Vortex is where you go to eat something tasty that you know is bad for you. This stylized bar prides itself on its irreverent aesthetic, impressive burgers and robust drink menu. If you were to ask what the signature menu item of this establishment would be, most people would mention their slew of "Coronary Bypass Burgers." While you can order a single any time, their double, triple and, god-help-you, quadruple versions are only available weekdays between 2 and 5 p.m. They are loaded with meat, cheese and you can swap out some buns for grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Vortex has two locations, one in bohemian Little Five Points and the other in Midtown. Just know that you must be at least 21 years of age or older to enter and everyone is carded at the door.

3 - Junkman's Daughter

Located in the building adjacent to the Little Five Points branch of The Vortex, this is the place to go if you want to buy something kitschy, unique or alternative. Inside of its very groovy exterior you can find jewelry, masks, pop art, zines, costumes, wigs, incense, games, retro toys, stickers, posters, etc. In short, if you do not consider yourself to be a square, you are bound to find at least one thing that calls to you. They also have a truly amazing shoe section that anyone with an ardor for shoewear owes it to themselves to investigate.

4 - The Georgia Aquarium

Promoted as the largest aquarium to be found in the Western Hemisphere, this location features several unique and varied galleries for guests to examine hundreds of different species amid 11 million gallons of water. Some of the notable features of this aquarium include the following:

  • It was the first non-Asian venue to feature whale sharks and only three other locations in the world feature manta rays.
  • Over a dozen bottlenose dolphins.
  • Six beluga whales, the youngest of which, Shila, was born May 17, 2020.
  • An overhead river display, allowing guests to see North American fish species from below.
  • A cold water display featuring the beluga whales, spider crabs and other creatures that dwell in polar or temperate waters.
  • The Ocean Voyager, the world's largest indoor aquatic habitat.