There's Plenty to Do When You Visit Whitefish, Montana in the Winter

Mountain high in Whitefish, Montana, is a beautiful spot to view. Those snow-capped peaks all around during the winter months in the quaint resort town of Whitefish could be like living in a natural world wonderland. As far as a person can see is beauty. Picture a city nestled between mountains—a dream vacation place with plenty of fun winter activities to explore. If you are looking for a getaway during the winter months with a small-town feel but big-city adventures, then Whitefish, Montana is the place to visit. Enjoy exploring on your own or with the family. Visitors will find a welcoming place to hibernate away from the modern world in Whitefish. Pack those sweaters and skis and go live your best winter days in this mountain town of sprawling white powdered slopes. Get ready to discover beautiful scenery and a fun-filled bunch of winter games. Quite simply, there’s a lot of things you can do in Whitefish, regardless of whether you want to be inside or out. 

1 - Skiing and Cross-Country Skiing

Up the road to Whitefish Mountain, vacationers will have a soaring fun time skiing down the mountain. If staying at Whitefish Mountain Resort, the top of the hill is right out the resort doors. However, suppose a person's mindset is more towards a solid surface snow day out. In that case, cross-country skiing and trekking through the fresh white powder of the Glacier Nordic Center trails, Glacier National Park, or any other mountain trails in the area will be the place to see. There are plenty of ski resorts and several popular parks to explore.

2 - Snowshoeing and Snowboarding

How about a beautiful walk through a winter wonderland instead of strapping on a bulky pair of skis? Put on some snowshoes instead and roam if you want to around the town or trails. Skiing may be an attractive thought, but a desire for less equipment with the same amount of fun is more appealing for some people. Also, snowboarding is something to take a chance on. The wonderful thing about these winter activities is that if a visitor is trying any of them for the first time, there are equipment rentals and lessons for beginners around this mountain town.

3 - Snowmobiling

Were you thinking of going mobile without putting chains on your tires? Rent a snowmobile and have a blast zooming through the Glacier National Parks pristine trails. There are guided snowmobile tours through Glacier and other pretty parks like Stillwater State Forest. Both locations are near the Whitefish Mountain Resort. All these fun activities are right out the doors of any of the resorts you choose for lodging.

4 - Explore the Local Arts

Not to leave out the ones who simply are visiting for the different art shows you can see in the winter months; Whitefish has these types of activities covered. Visit the Alpine Theatre Project or the Whitefish Theatre Company. With year-round shows, the winter months offer seasonal shows that sell out fast. But suppose the live theatre shows are not exactly what is on the agenda. In that case, the desire might be to dip your hands into pottery, painting, and even glass making-the Nonprofit organization, The Stumptown Art Studio, can schedule for these fun things to do.

5 - Relax in a Spa

Whether a person has explored the outside activities or not, it is easy to get a chill or chapped in this type of weather. Why not put on those snowshoes and walk to a relaxing spa treatment or wellness center to rejuvenate the body and soul? Indulge in the experience of the upscale Fab Salon and Spa in the downtown Whitefish area. They offer manicures, pedicures, skincare, and massages—anything a body would need to re-energize and feel great. Whitefish has spas in and around the town. The town also offers exercise facilities such as yoga studios and fitness centers.

6 -  Attend the Winter Carnival

Finally, book your stay in Whitefish during the Winter Carnival Weekend in February and have a blast from the past. The theme for 2022 will be the Rad 80s. It changes each year. Enjoy a weekend of events like music, delicious food, festive parades, and pretty lights. Visiting the town during this event will make you come back every year to experience the different themes and winter challenges. Forget about the cold outside. Keep warm, interacting with other guests and experiencing all the fun activities Whitefish, Montana has to offer.