The Best Volunteer Vacations Add Purpose To an Exciting Vacation Experience

Taking a vacation is an exciting chance to break away from established routines. If you are thinking about a vacation today, there are many factors to keep in mind.

For many people, these include the time it takes to get there as well as what they can do once they arrive at their intended destinations. Another factor that can amp up your vacation plans and bring them to the next level is deciding to volunteer your time. Many organizations are happy to have your hands on board. They're also pleased to provide you with a job to do where you can really make a difference. If you are making plans to volunteer your time, it's best to do a lot of homework. A good organization is one that will work with your talents and skills. Lend them your time during your vacation and you'll get a great deal in return. There’s plenty of options for a volunteer vacation. You just need to find the right one. 

1 - Working With Art

If art is your personal passion, use it on vacation. Many organizations are happy to welcome those who can help with varied art restoration projects. The Conservation Corps invites all those who want to participate to be part of exciting efforts to work on art in many parts of Europe. You can head to Italy to help restore ancient frescoes. Other possibilities include Belgium, France and Germany. This is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your art history degree or just be part of helping beautiful objects to life again. This is a great choice for those who are detail oriented and willing to spend time working closely on a given art piece.

2 - Creating Infrastructure

Many parts of the world lack access to basic things that people in other areas take for granted. For example, there are many communities that don't have up to date housing codes. They might have houses that lack amenities such as working plumbing and running water. You can offer your own labor to help them. That means getting your hands dirty. It also means working with people who appreciate what you have to offer and delight in your energy and help. You'll see exactly what you're doing as you work and get to know people as you help them.

3 - Caring For Animals

Animal lovers can take their adoration of wildlife on the road with them. GoEco, for example, allows people to come to the Tiger, Lion and Wildlife Park. Located in South Africa, GoEco is one place that should be on your list if you want to be part of efforts to help these big cats survive in the wild. Visitors get the chance to do amazing things. You can feed lion and tiger cubs. You can also be part of efforts to document their behavior and find out what can be done to help preserve their native habitat.

4 - Environmental Conservation

Caring for the environment is one cause that many people care about deeply. If you are one of them, you can add your voice to the process of making the planet a better place. The American Hiking Society is pleased to welcome participants who want to help maintain trails in national parks all over the country. It's one way that people can do something that has a direct impact on the ability of others to enjoy nature as much as they do. You can even pick out the kind of work you'd like to do depending on your fitness level.

5 - Teaching English

English is one of the world's most widely spoken languages. As such, knowledge of English helps open doors of all kinds. People who master English will find it much easier to apply for all kinds of jobs in their community and if they wish to travel abroad for a job or to attend additional training. Volunteer your time with WorldTeach. They offer lots of programs in places ranging from China to Morocco and Ecuador. You'll meet new people and hone your love of English at the same time.