Boat Shoes Are Comfortable and Don't Slip Like Other Shoes

Boat shoes are perfect for a casual day out. The open look of the shoe lends itself to a look that says casual and fun. Because they originated in New Haven, Connecticut, they also work well by the water. They are cool, comfortable, and offer extreme comfort. A sailor invented this design of shoe for use on boats. With surfaces that get wet, The rubber sole offers incredible traction. They also keep their feet cool in hot weather. The first ones had black soles. Those left a mark on the decks. That's when the shoe began appearing with white rubber soles. Considering the fact that the shoes remained the same for years after, shows how popular they were. The upper part of the shoes is leather. This makes them adaptable to the shape of the foot. They put a special oil on the shoes to repel water.

What Makes a Boat Shoe?

The classic leather top of the shoe allows water inside. It's designed to also allow the water to go out. Since it has the oil over the shoe leather, it prevents damage over time. This is what makes these shoes a boat shoe. It helps the feet to stay healthy in wet environments. People wear them with bare feet. Socks should never go with boat shoes. That allows water to gather around the foot. It's not good for the feet. It traps water that way. The top of the shoes also include laces. They go up the side and wrap around the top of the shoe. This keeps the shoe firmly on the feet. Slipping isn't a good thing. The lace system prevents that. The laces are also made of leather. The stitching is unique as well. Stitched like moccasins, they are extremely comfortable. Oil keeps the boat shoe leather supple. They should have oil placed over the shoes on a regular basis to keep them in good shape.

Styles of Boat Shoes

While the boat shoe is an upscale shoe, it is never a formal shoe. In modern styles, they aren’t worn with socks. This means it should never pair with a formal outfit. These situations match with these shoes.

  • Casual
  • Dressy
  • Water
  • Vacation

There are so many choices for these shoes. In the summer, both men and women can wear this with madras, Nantucket reds, or seersucker casual wear. These shoes come in several colors. That allows the shoe to match the outfit in the season of bright colors. It isn't appropriate for winter or autumn. They pair beautifully with Polo's and a pair of trousers. Shorts work equally well. Dressy moments work well in the warmer months. The basic rule for boat shoes is the pairing without socks. If the weather calls for socks, these shoes aren't appropriate. Boat shoes offer perfect use with water playtime. Going sailing in Nantucket, and spending time on a boat, goes exceptionally well with boat shoes. Vacation time is the best time to wear these shoes.

Best Boat Shoe Brands

There are several boat shoes brands that are an excellent choice. Each one offers a look for the boat shoe that people have come to expect on a casual yacht trip, or a boating trip by the lake. One of these has been around since the early years of these shoes coming out to the fashion world. The last one on the list is extremely comfortable. Here are some of the best brands for these shoes.

  • River Island
  • Eastland's Men
  • Cole Haan
  • Clarks

There are several others as well. This shoe has grown in popularity so much that several shoe designers have created their own versions. All the color choices make it immensely popular for spring wear. When paired with a seersucker dress, they are exactly the right look for a country club in the spring event. Men can pair it with a pair of golf shorts and a polo, or a buttoned shirt and pants for a dress casual event. Each look is fun and airy for water or land.