Brazil Makes For an Excellent Adventure Vacation

Brazil, South America's largest country, is a very culturally and naturally diverse nation. When one typically thinks of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo immediately comes to many people's minds.

In other words, the active, vibrant and modern urban areas of Brazil. But in fact, Brazil is actually a nation that is actually more "wild" than modern. Of the nation's land area of 3,287,956 square miles in area, rainforests cover 1,844,394 square miles of Brazil (or close to 60% of the country). These figures equate to Brazil being home to one-third of the world's rainforests, opening up many avenues for businesses that capitalize on the beauty and natural resources the rainforests provide all of us who appreciate its rich natural beauty.

In terms of Brazil's economy, tourism has played a major role in its positioning on the world's stage and should continue to do so as tourism plays a bigger and bigger role in Brazil's makeup. In recent figures, Brazil ranked behind only Canada and the United States among countries in the Americas in TTCI, the Travel and Tourism Competitive Index.

Brazil's natural resources have ranked #1 in the world, with its cultural resources having them come in at #23. Brazil takes great advantage of its natural resources and rich diversity when it comes to welcoming tourists to it’s tropical climes for adventure. Brazil is one of the best locations in the world for adventure locations where you can get out, see nature and experience a dash of danger if that’s your thing.  Travelers looking for excellent adventures and experiences in Brazil have a lot of options. 

1 - The Tucano Expedition Cruise

 As rainforests cover a great deal of Brazil, there is no doubt that visitors here would want to take in all the incredible beauty and adventure by way of an exploration of the rainforests by boat, kayak, and walking. The Tucano Expedition Cruise explores areas of the Rio Negro rainforest. They take explorers on boats that can get to points where other vessels cannot. This is followed by naturalist-guided rainforest walks, guided skiff tours, and adventures on a kayak.

2 - Skydive Tandem - São Paulo

For a true adrenaline rush, this adventure can't be beat. Guests get to tandem jump with an instructor from 12,000 feet high above Brazil's capital city, free falling for 50 seconds. Certified by the Brazilian Skydiving Confederation, all jumps are safely coordinated and taken with an experienced instructor. The skydive company Skydive SP has the highest rating in Latin America in this segment.

3 - Rafting Tour in Casimiro de Abreu

Raft the rapids here on the Macae River, northeast of Rio de Janeiro. This rafting adventure experience is great for rafters of all experience levels, as easy to intermediate rapids welcome visitors here on this 8-hour adventure. Videos and photo opportunities are terrific here, as participants get great views of the Atlantic Forest on their journey here.

4 - Hang gliding Experience Rotofly - Rio de Janeiro

See, feel, and experience this most unique way of viewing Rio de Janeiro. Expeditions begin with a little training prior to departure, then leave from Rampa Pedra Bonita, Floresta da Tijuca. This thrilling adventure takes 1.5 hours overall, perfect for a gliding experience that doesn't take too long, leaving plenty of time for other Brazilian adventures during the day.