The Best Pajama Brands Offer Some Great Pajama Options

As more people understand the power of sleep and rest, they are looking for ways to improve their sleep time. For some, that may mean swapping their soft mattress for one that is more firm. For others, weighted blankets have helped them fall and stay asleep. Still, others find the cooling effects of eucalyptus sheets enhance their sleep. Some fall into the category of those in a recent study who find that going to bed naked helps them fall asleep faster. Those studies show that the body temperature stays more relaxed, and that makes it optimal for sleep. Lastly, there is the bulk of people who cannot fall asleep unless they wear pajamas. If you are one of those people, you know that finding great pajamas can be a task worthy of the work. Continue reading to discover a list of great pajama brands and some of their excellent pajama options.

1 - Lake

Founded on the premise that comfort should be celebrated, LAKE pajamas are made from the softest fabrics, including organic Pima cotton, dreamknit, bamboo, flannel, waffle, and Pima cotton. They have created pajamas for the entire family and have sets that are soft and cozy enough to lounge in all day. Representing the hometown of their factory, they want their brand to be as comfy and effortless as Savannah, Georgia. This brand carries sets for the entire family and gowns and robes for women.

2 - J Crew

In keeping with their brand's quality, J Crew makes pajamas for the entire family. Made of 100% bamboo fabric, they are some of the softest pajamas you can find. For women, their breathability means no hot flashes or night sweats caused by sleepwear. Their sets are generously sized and comfortable enough to lounge in throughout the day. For women, J Crew has pajama sets and robes or kimonos. For men and children, they have pajama sets.

3 - Summersalt

For feeling luxe while you sleep, check out any of Summersalt pajama sets or gowns. Their pajama sets come in a variety of patterns, sizes, and lengths. Regardless of whether you prefer shorts, short sleeves, long pants, booty shorts, or a gown, their silky pajamas will put you on cloud 9. Summersalt has one of the largest selections of individual pieces that I've seen in any brand, making it hard to select favorites.

4 - Polkadot England

These unassuming pajamas are soft and feminine yet the best fabric for a great night's sleep. Made from the delicate floral patterns that a baby onesie would get, you can mix and match sets for the perfect level of warmth or comfort you need. Everything from camisole style tops to cropped sleep cardigans to full robes, these pajamas scream peaceful sleep. They are sure to make a woman feel pretty and pampered while she sleeps or lounges.

5 - Ralph Lauren

Putting folks to bed after a glamorous day has become synonymous with Ralph Lauren's sleepwear. Easy, roomy, and almost preppy-looking pieces that can be mixed and matched are perfect for sleep or lounging. For men and women, these pieces are unassuming, comfortable, and cozy. The pajamas are sold as sets for women; however, men can purchase lounge pieces separately.

6 - Brooks Brothers

In continuing their excellent brand reputation, Brooks Brothers pajamas aren't as tailored as their clothing. Made in the U.S.A., their pajamas are relaxed, comfortable, and wrinkle-free. Available for both men and women, they even have seersucker and premium cotton options in nightshirts. In addition, to mix and match pajama pieces, Brooks Brothers also sells robes and slippers.