Unique Apparel and Clothing Can Make For Exciting Vacation Destinations

One of the ways that people have expressed themselves in history is through clothing. Clothing offered information about a person's social class and style, but also their culture.

The importance of clothing still stands today. Many cultures have a shockingly unique style that will amaze anyone, even people who don't have an invested interest in fashion. 

When going off on vacation, it’s common for people to enjoy the culture of their destination and immerse themselves in it. One way to do so is through clothing and apparel. Whether you choose to join in, or just enjoy it visually, there are many destinations with unique and wonderful clothing. 

1 - Japan

Japan created fashion statements centuries ago with elaborate kimonos. However, Japanese fashionistas turned away from traditional looks and opted for a more Western appearance by updating kimonos and putting a twist on Western styles. Japanese fashion loves experimentation and shock value. Nothing demonstrates this more than the Japanese street fashion known as gyaru. Gyaru embraces femininity and a lot of color and playfulness in fashion. Some people may see the style as childish, but it has gained worldwide respect.

2 -. India

India has a storied fashion history that started with breathable cotton garments specifically designed to withstand the heat of the area. One of the most famous items was the sari. Another culture famous for its colors, Indian fashion, usually included bright prints and patterns. British rule also played a role in fashion. Many Indian garments included a blouse or petticoat. Another important influence came after the popularity of Bollywood, a movie scene almost as large as Hollywood.

3 - South Africa

Many people think of traditional African garb when thinking of South African fashion, such as wax prints and bead jewelry. However, there is a "new wave" of South Africans bringing it into the modern world quite effectively. To get into the larger markets, many designers are using social media and eCommerce websites. Many designers still incorporate some African traditions into their styles with an updated sex appeal and style.

4 - Mexico

Mexican fashion started with pueblo dresses, rebozos, and huipil blouses. Despite the hot weather, the clothing was quite conservative. They've come a long way since those days. The style still uses a lot of turquoise and silver, but it's been updated to include a unique street style that includes sugar skulls and rebellious imagery, matching the fighting spirit of the populace. Clothing also got a lot more risque, especially clubwear with high heels and tight dresses.

5 - Amsterdam

Dutch fashion makes people think of clogs and dresses that make a pilgrim look scandalous. The dresses were usually made out of cotton and consisted of a blue color palette or tulips. As culture evolved, the clothing did, too. Amsterdam became fond of the popular fashion trends running through Europe until they established their own unique brand of style. Dutch fashion tends to include denim and focus on comfort and function.

Any of these destinations will offer inspiration for fashion and culture. If you want to, you can experience exotic and unique clothing from the comfort of your home through online options. However, nothing beats seeing the real thing in person.