Anklets Look Great On Anyone Who Likes Showing Off their Calves and Feet

Regardless of a persons taste in fashion, sex, size, or age, knowing what makes a great outfit is essential to the image. A person's appearance speaks to the world before they can open their mouth. Therefore, people want to project a positive image to the world. In addition to the clothes they wear, accessories are just as necessary, and the slightest touch can take an outfit up a notch. Please continue reading to discover some often-overlooked accessories and anklets that look great on anyone who likes to show off their calves and feet.

Accessories are those little pieces that contribute to one's overall style. They are shoes, purses, scarves and so much more. Accessories are also rings, belts, socks and pantyhose, hats, and even your eyewear. Accessories can be tiny and pull your entire outfit together or large and make your outfit pop. One often forgotten accessory is the anklet. 

Best Times to Show Off an Anklet

As with most accessories, there are no complex rules for the times to wear an anklet. Although primarily worn in the warmer months when people show off shapely calves and beautifully manicured and taken care of feet, anklets also attract attention to other features of their body or outfit. Things like your shoes, ankles, and bare feet become more prominent when wearing an anklet. While it doesn’t make much sense to wear anklets with boots, socks, or shoes that won’t show anklets off, wearing anklets year-round is a choice that many admire.

Anklets can act as more than an accessory. Depending on their uniqueness, they can be great conversation starters with admirers. Anklets also add a sense of sex appeal and femininity to a woman and appeal to men who like them as accessories.

Since anklet styles can be dressy or casual, keep in mind when wearing an ankle bracelet to work or a severe setting like church or school, make sure that your anklet doesn’t have charms that make sounds when walking. That is not the kind of attention that people want their anklet to attract. Also, colorful anklets should be reserved for younger girls or worn to the beach as adults. Some great times and outfits to show off anklets are:

  • With a mini/midi skirt or dress.
  • When wearing a bathing suit or shorts.
  • When wearing a statement shoe.
  • With flip flops.
  • With cropped pants.

Different Anklet Styles

Like most accessories, anklets come in a variety of styles and are versatile. That means selecting one to suit your style shouldn’t be difficult. For instance, if you prefer gold over silver and all your other jewelry is gold, although mixing metals is perfectly OK, you may want to stick to gold. Conversely, silver is popular, and finding your style in silver is just as easy. Also, make sure that your anklet has adjustable sizing so that you can make adjustments according to the shoe you will be wearing.

Some anklet styles to consider are:

  • Simple gold chains add flair and formality to outfits.
  • Cowrie shells for the beach vacation.
  • Cable chain with oval links.
  • Rhinestones are a fun way to add bling to your ankle.
  • Figaro chain with hearts or geometric shapes between chains.
  • Colorful beads with stretch cord for a fun, boho look.
  • Ball chain with identical connected balls.
  • Braided gimp styles look great with jeans.
  • Charms added to any chain add a touch of elegance.
  • Wrap anklet is another that adds a boho touch - made with leather and beads.
  • Toe ring anklets are perfect for the beach, especially for a bride at a beach wedding.

As you can see, anklets are great accessories and one of the best ways to show off your calves and feet. They say a lot about the person wearing them without them saying anything.