The World Has Some Incredible and Unique Places to Stay On Vacation

Now that pandemic restrictions are being eased or lifted in many regions all around the world, travelers previously homebound or "cooped up" are more than anxious to get out and do the traveling they've put off, postponed, or canceled here in the last year or so. Land, sea, and air vacations and adventures abound for those desiring to get out and about, to get to those places they've been really hoping to get to for quite some time now.

With travel returning to normal, there are many unique places that you can visit throughout the world. Unique doesn’t have to mean obscure either. Unique places quite simply have their own special feeling and special aura to them. This article will focus on some of the unique places throughout the world. 

1 - The Walt Disney World Resort. 

There’s plenty of amusement parks throughout the world, but Walt Disney Resort truly is a unique and special experience. What’s more, many of their hotels offer unique experiences within the park itself. On oh-so-many people's "bucket list", visitors could literally spend weeks on the property and still not see or experience everything. Multiple ticket packages are available to visit the Resort's four main theme parks: the Magic Kingdom Park; EPCOT; Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Accommodations on the property range from the more economical themed hotels to luxury resorts. With waterparks, terrific dining options, outstanding family attractions and entertainment abound, and much, much more, there is a "world" of things to enjoy here for guests of all ages.

For the ultimate in luxury accommodations on property, book a suite at the Grand Floridian Beach Resort. Perhaps the most elegant of all Disney hotel properties, this is a Victorian-style beauty that combines elegance with perhaps the most beautiful view of any Disney hotel location. Visitors can view the nightly display over Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom as they take in all the splendor this grand hotel has to offer. The Outer Building- 2 Bedroom Suite is their featured room. With views of the Seven Seas Lagoon or the Courtyard Pool, it sleeps up to 8 adults.

2 - Four Seasons Hotel New York

Plenty of people hit up the Four Seasons every single year. But not everyone visits their most unique and incredible room option. The Ty Warner Penthouse here occupies the entire 57th floor, with amazing 360-degree views from the suite's four glass balconies. This mammoth space, with towering ceilings, encompasses 4200 square feet. With all the unique and rare artwork on display here, this is pretty much an art gallery in itself. Shaped like an 'X', it has four diagonal wings which are surrounding the skylit landing, with three private elevators connecting this entire one-floor room to the rest of the "real world". The price for one night in this penthouse, the most expensive hotel room in America? A cool $50,000 per night.

3 - Mackinac Island, Michigan

This small, historic island is famous for a few things. One is that there are no motorized vehicles of any kind on the island (the exception being emergency vehicles). The other is the presence of the Grand Hotel, made famous in the "Somewhere In Time" movie. Visitors to the island can get a great taste of colonial America while staying in one of over 1,500 unique lodging rooms here (including the Grand Hotel), with all properties independently owned (there are no franchise lodging accommodations on the island). For those who desire to stay in a franchised establishment near Mackinac Island (ferries run several times daily from the mainland in the spring, summer, and fall), Mackinaw City has a great number of them, many lakeside.

4 - “The Icehotel” 

In the village of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden, this is the original, and ever-changing hotel and art exhibition. Melting every year, the Icehotel is reconstructed with a different guise each year, made of natural ice from the Torne River. Over the last 30 years or so, the company has been able to operate 365 days a year. They operate the Icehotel, as well as the Icehouse Creative Experience. This means they have products from around the globe, events, and ice bars.