Ibiza Is World Famous For Fun and Excitement

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. It may be known for its vibrant and world-class nightlife, but visitors can also find pristine beaches, lush scenery, and peaceful retreats. The best time to visit is from May to October, when the weather hovers around the mid-70s to 80s. Visitors can fly into Ibiza Airport, or take a ferry from Barcelona or Valencia. Although there is public transit, it does not operate consistently, so renting a vehicle or taking a taxi are the best options if you are planning to explore around. Ibiza is a unique vacation destination which is full of fun and adventure for excited travelers. This article will help shed some light on the excitement that is Ibiza. 

The Must See Sights and Activities

There’s a whole lot to see in Ibiza in addition to the wild parties that it’s known for. Some of the great things to do include: 

  • Beach Cruise to Playa Cala Salada - Although it is a bit difficult to access by car, a beach cruise will take you to Playa Cala Salada and give you a fun experience in the process. No matter how you choose to go, the trip is well worth the effort. The water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, the beach is surrounded by hills and diving cliffs, and the backdrop is ideal for pictures. There is also a restaurant on the beach that offers authentic Spanish cuisine.
  • Dalt Vila - For a historical perspective of Ibiza, the ancient town of Dalt Vila (which means ‘High Town’) is a must see. Founded by the Phoenicians, it is surrounded by walls that were erected by the Spanish empire as a defense against the Ottomans and the French. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes so that you can navigate the steep cobblestone streets. You can explore independently, or take one of the established tours that are available. There are information plaques throughout the town, translated in various languages, which highlight landmarks and provide a history lesson for visitors. Dalt Vila is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Sa Talaia - Sa Talaia is the highest point in Ibiza, and there is no wonder why the name means ‘watchtower’ in English. If you take the 1.5 mile hike to the top, you will be able to get the breathtaking panoramic view of the island, the other Balearic Islands, and also the surrounding sea. If you are not into hiking, you can also access it by car.
  • Cliff Jumping at Cala Tarida - Cliff jumping is a common activity in Spain, and to get the best experience while visiting Ibiza, you should try Cala Tarida. You can enjoy the thrill of scaling the cliffs, then jumping into the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea as many times as you would like.
  • Experience the Club Scene - What is a trip to Ibiza without experiencing the club scene that the city is famous for? There are plenty of clubs to choose from, and for a good place to start, you should visit Playa d’en Bossa on the east coast of the island. You will find small clubs, super-clubs, and clubs to fit whatever budget you may have. The second largest city on the island, San Antonio, has been called the clubbing capital of the world. Even if you are not a night owl, there are opportunities to party in the daytime at places like the Bora Bora Beach Club.

Best Accommodations

There’s plenty of good places to stay in Ibiza, though you’re probably not going to spend much time in your room with everything there is to do! Some good options include: 

  • Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza - Located on the famed Playa d’en Bossa, the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza goes above and beyond to ensure that guests have a comfortable and relaxing experience. Various attractions such as restaurants and nightclubs are within walking distance, and amenities include free Wi-Fi, on-site breakfast, a rooftop terrace, and massage services.
  • Can Curreu - This hotel, situated in the Sant Carles de Peralta section of Ibiza, offers well-appointed rooms and an accommodating staff. It is in close proximity to restaurants and interesting landmarks, and it also has a great reputation for being family-friendly. Amenities include free breakfast, a fitness center, a spa, and shuttle service.
  • Agroturismo Ca n’Arabi - This bed and breakfast is right near Ibiza Town and the airport, and is surrounded by orange groves and the picturesque countryside. This restored building that was originally a dairy factory is full of character, and the rooms are stylish and comfortable. Amenities include free parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast, and bicycle rental.