Car Lover Vacations Can Show Off The Glory of the Automobile

Cars are not just a way to get around. They're also a source of pride and happiness. For many people, cars are amazing machines that do incredible things.

The long history of cars in the world is an incredible one. For over a hundred years, people around the world have been relying on cars to get them places. If you are making plans to go on vacation, you'll want to think about your destinations. Many people find it great to combine the things they love with their travel plans. That is one of the best things about traveling. Another great thing about traveling is that it is very easy for those who love automobiles to combine their love of travel with the cars they appreciate so much. There are many fabulous destinations to pick from when centering cars as you travel. You'll be surprised and delighted at just how easy it is to combine your passion for cars and your desire to see the world in one trip.

1 - Indianapolis Speedway

The racing capital of America should be at the top of the list of any auto lover's plans. Founded in 1909, at the very dawn of the auto age, the speedway draws in thousands of people each year. Grab a seat and watch a race and then head to the site's fabled car museum. The speedway is used for so many races at this point that you’ll have solid options to visit throughout the year. 

2 - Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world's great car makers. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the automaker has devoted an entire museum to showing off the company's devotion to excellence in the field of auto making. The sleek building is located in the middle of one of the great cities of Germany. German processes in the creation of superior automotive technology have long been noted by those who appreciate fine racing cars. Head to the autobahn and then stop off here to get an education in what makes a truly fine luxury car.

3 - Henry Ford Museum

Pioneering automaker Henry Ford revolutionized how cars are made. His factory made it possible for the average American to afford one. The Henry Ford Museum is now the very largest outdoor-indoor museum in the United States. As such, it offers a pilgrimage for those who really love cars. There's dozens of exhibits to see in Dearborn Michigan. Each one deals with some facet of American history. This is one museum that is well worth a day trip. It's also well worth a stop off when doing a road trip of your own with your family.

4 - Monaco

Charming Monaco is wedged between the sea and France. This tiny but memorable country offers much to see in a handful of acres. One of the singular events of the area is the Monaco Grand Prix. Drivers from all over the world come here to compete in one of the world's most storied road races. You can easily join in the fun by watching as the cars race across the community from a nearby seat. Make reservations well in advance and you're ready to watch the thrill of the chase as drivers make twisted turns. Just don’t expect to be driving around town too much during the grand prix. The track plays havoc with the roads and traffic. 

5 - Ferrari Factory and Museum

Historic Maranello, Italy is the setting for this museum devoted to the world of Ferrari. A short distance from Modena, the factory offers a chance to understand exactly what's under the hood of one of the world's most famous cars. If you own a Ferrari or you'd like to one day, this museum offers a chance to explore it in great depth. The company has been in the business of making cars since the 1940's. You'll explore the history of the Ferrari and discover what it takes to bring it to market.