These Tips Allow Parents To Travel With Children More Easily

Many parents are usually skeptical about traveling with their kids, be it an infant, toddler or preschool kids. Their doubts and reservations about such a journey are well founded, as traveling with children can be a challenge especially for long distances.

The fact that young kids are dependent, irresponsible, irritable, and sporadic, makes traveling with them somewhat hectic. Whether the parents are flying, traveling on the road or by sea, bringing their kids along usually presents a daunting experience. In the pretext of avoiding the hustle and bustle of traveling with kids, parents abandon their cruise, postpone their long awaited vacations and in unfortunate cases, leave their kids behind. Luckily, such parents can still travel easily with their kids as early preparation is the key to fewer setbacks on the journey. The following tips will prove useful for parents to ensure they have a stress-free journey and their kids are comfortable and safe.

1 - Keep the Baby Buckled

Parents should get used to buckling their kids to the car seat, whether it is in their cars, bus or on a plane. This is a perfect way a parent can restrain a child to one position during a journey. Buckling kids is not only a safety precaution but also saves the parents from the usual distraction created by a restless child, allowing them ample time to sightsee or engage in other activities while traveling. Parents should only unbuckle the child in time of a diaper change and potty break, or when giving the toddlers a break from the restraint just to stretch their little legs.

2 - Prepare for the Climate

A grown-up can withstand slight weather fluctuations during a journey, but this is not so to kids. Parents should study the weather patterns of their travel destination before the journey and pack up relevant clothing for their youngsters. It is logical to bring enough warm apparel when traveling to a cold destination, and shorts and t-shirts for a hot destination. This will ensure the fragile little ones stay protected from the effects of the weather.

3 - Renting Baby Equipment

In order to lighten their load at the bus stops and airports, parents traveling with infants and toddlers should consider renting equipment at their destinations. These equipment such as cribs, car seats, and strollers are available from rental shops that will deliver them to the hotels, airports and any other preferable location. Renting will also help parents avoid baggage fees, thus saving some money. Parents can bring a wheelie if they are aware their travel destination lacks these rental services.

4 - Book Direct Flights

If parents are flying with their kids, it is imperative they opt for direct flights rather than making several connections. During landing, young kids experience a lot of pressure and pain in their ears, making them scream. Minimizing the number of connecting flights will ensure the child gets less exposure to this horrifying landing effect. The less time they spend in transit, the fewer chances of mid-flight outburst. If it is unavoidable to book connecting flights, then parents should schedule extra time on the ground between flights. Parents can also consider the use of EarPlanes, which are plugs popped in the ears of the infant and toddlers to lessen the pressure and pain during descent.

5 - Pack Extra Baby Supplies and Snacks

Parents should pack more than enough baby supplies while preparing for any journey. This step is a precaution for any eventualities like delays, which may occur during the journey. Some babies and young kids are very selective in what they eat, so an extra package of their usual baby food will ensure they don’t miss out on their favorite taste. Parents should always feed their kids as soon as possible during the journey, as they get cranky and irritated when hungry. Preschool kids can have snacks once in a while to keep them happy and comfortable.

6 - Bring a Gaming Gadget

Parents should not ignore the potential of technology, as a simple gadget like an iPad, tablet, and a toy can keep a child fixated for long periods during the journey. There are lots of child apps parents can download for the iPad and tablets. Shows and videos for kids can be useful during these journeys. All these are a helpful distraction that will keep the youngsters happy.