Which Travel Package Website Is The Industry Leader?

When travelers now look into making trip itineraries and booking, the biggest mistake they may make is to undertake all manners of trip preparation and reservation making themselves.

When delving into even the most basic of itinerary planning now, travelers may encounter many new changes and nuances in transportation, lodging, dining, entertainment, and other areas that they may be unaware of. Especially now, with some travel restrictions in some regions still in place, trip planning can really turn out to be an extraordinarily difficult and frustrating process. The best way to overcome all these obstacles that may now come into play is to let professionals take care of all the trip planning. And the best resource to look to get this professional assistance is enlisting the services of a Travel Package site. There are a number of highly-respected, proven travel package websites offering their services to clients today.

1 - Priceline

This site will find clients the best deals on flights, hotels, cars, and even cruise packages. With a little input from the traveler, customers can get the best deals that provide travel flexibility, booking now and paying later, customized searches, and savings in travel bundles.

2 - Travelocity

They allow travelers to mix and match deals to make up the best travel package. They will help find discounts on land, sea, and air bookings, and will help in finding things to do while at the destination. Their clear and convenient website will get travelers deals coming in with just a few clicks off the home page.

3 - Orbitz

Another site specifically helping travelers find their lowest price travel packages, they offer Orbucks and travel perks, good for discounts on future deals in Orbitz packages. This is a very friendly LGBTQIA site, helping site visitors seek out welcoming hotels, Pride events, travel ideas, and more. They are a proud partner of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association.

4 - Kayak

This site is special in that it is "the search engine of travel search engines". Visitors simply need to type in dates and destinations, and they will yield results from other travel websites. They feature the KAYAK Explorer app, their new loyalty program. By scanning the QR code on their site, new Explorers can claim 2000 bonus points. Kayak Explore is an "open-ended search engine" powered by Google Maps. It enlists flights based on such factors as weather, geography, flight schedule, and budget. Comparisons of fares can be researched here via the website and mobile applications.

5 - One Travel

Another travel vacation package site that specifically aims to provide travelers with the most economical package deals on the market. They let customers set their own parameters, and work deals within that framework. Check their website out for Promo Codes, which can immediately provide users savings on the company's charged fees.

6 - Apple Vacations

This is an ideal site to go to when looking to book all-inclusive resort destination deals. They can get travelers the best available deals on roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, and airport transport to the hotel. If travelers may be unsure about their next travel destination, Apple Vacations offers a nice variety of promotions and vacation deals for varying types of trips and trip lengths right on their site's homepage.

7 - Momondo

For travelers who first look into discounted airfare, Momondo may be a good place to start researching. Right on their site's homepage, travelers can quickly click on pages in such relevant travel areas as travel Inspiration, trending cities, trending countries, flight deals by destination. Endorsed by the New York Times, CNN, and Frommer's, Momondo is 100% free to use, with no hidden fees or charges.