Jeans Are the Perfect Everyday Style of Pants

Nearly everyone has experienced trying to find the perfect pair of jeans. With the right pair, jeans can be worn in any and every setting. They can be dressed up for a brunch, worn to an after school PTA meeting, and even chosen with a t-shirt to lounge around in.

Jeans are one of the many articles of clothing that never go out of style. The problem is, everyone doesn’t think they look good in them or simply can’t find jeans that are flattering to their body type.

Luckily, it’s easy to find them in nearly every store. When it comes to looking good in jeans, it’s best to understand the ins and outs of what makes the perfect pair. Regardless of age, gender, or how often one wears them, here’s an in-depth guide to finding wardrobe-worthy jeans.

Exploring Jean Washes

Typically, jeans are made of denim. Denim is washed to reduce the possibility of shrinkage, to soften them, and even to create various color shades. Raw denim is usually a darker hue before undergoing the washing process.

During sanforization, or denim washing denim is submerged in water using a special machine. The pressure works in conjunction with the hot water to compress and clean the denim before they’re turned into jeans. This process is also responsible for the various colors they come in, including:

  • Dark Wash - This is the least processed version of raw denim. People looking to make colorful tops pop gravitate towards this wash. Darker washed jeans also make the legs appear slim. Because they spend less time in being sanforization, they often have a rougher texture. Be sure to only wash these types of jeans with similar colors. The dye can stain other lighter articles of clothing.
  • Mid Wash - The mid wash jean undergoes the same process as darker washes, just for a longer period of time. The definition of mid wash jeans varies from brand to brand, so consider this when trying to find the perfect mid wash pair of jeans.
  • Light Wash - This wash is sandwiched between mid washed and bleached denim. These are especially nice in the warmer months. They're also great for casual gatherings and dress down days.

Styles of Jeans

Not only do jeans come in different washes, there are several types that go in and out of style, including:

  • Straight Leg - Straight leg jeans are typically the same length from the hip to the ankle, where they slightly loosen.
  • Slim Fit - These jeans usually fit tighter on the hips and butt and loosen towards the bottom of the leg.
  • Skinny - Commonly considered the stretchy denim style jean, skinny fit jeans hug every curve.
  • Loose Fit - Loose fit jeans start off wide from the hips down and slightly tighten at the ankle opening.
  • Flared Cut - Ever heard of bell bottoms? These are also called flared jeans. This style hugs the thighs and butt and flares out at the lower leg.

Popular Jean Brands

Since they’re such a common way to spice up anyone’s style, there are plenty of jean brands worth checking out like:

  • American Eagle - Statistics show that American Eagle is one of the top lifestyle jean brands on the market. They’re affordable and stylish for every member of the family.
  • Levi’s - Known for its signature red pocket tag, Levi’s are a jean brand that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s believed that Levi’s jean brand pioneered blue jeans before branching off into many styles.
  • Good American - People looking for a size-inclusive brand should check out the Good American brand. Curvy celebrities like Khloe Kardashian endorse this brand. So, those with a little bit extra should look into purchasing jeans from this brand.

When worn properly, jeans can elevate any ensemble. By using this guide, people with very little success finding jeans can find their perfect wash, style, and brand. Why wait? Go online or into a jean store and find an awe-inspiring pair of denim.