There Are Many Options For Apps and Websites the Book A Great Hotel

As hotels move more and more toward fully technological means of promotion, reservations, marketing, billing, and so on, it seems to get more difficult for individual travelers to make secure reservations for hotel stays.

For the traveler new to booking hotel reservations online, it can sometimes prove to be a somewhat confusing, often irritating procedure, as each individual hotel has their own site, and their own way of conducting their business. If multiple hotel bookings need to be made, this can prove to be, at the very least, a time-consuming, often daunting procedure.

For hotel travelers that are looking for a much easier, much more convenient and user-friendly means of booking multiple hotel reservations, there is an easier way of taking on this task. Hotel booking websites and apps are very clear, easy to use, easy to navigate, and plentiful out on the market. They provide travelers a secure and safe means of booking rooms, providing them with all the relevant data they need before travel commences. To get the most out of their online experience in booking hotels, travelers have really taken to hotel booking websites and apps. 

1 - Priceline

This site gets very high marks for its extensive details of hotel facilities. It is a very easy site to navigate, has a user-friendly design package, and its images are among the best on the market. Ratings of hotels on this site are based on consumer feedback, so travelers can really get a good feel for the hotel based on other traveler's experiences there. Priceline offers 'Express Deals', where travelers can save up to 60% on hotel bookings in some cases as travelers won't know the name of the hotel until they book the date. Hotels in these discounted offers are quality accommodations, so it would be worth the 'risk' to try going this route at least once.

2 - Travelocity

This is an easy-to-use site, especially by way of using a smartphone. It is particularly a good site if comparing hotel and hostel prices, as here they are listed in a convenient side-by-side format. Travelocity enables travelers to connect a car or flight to the booking, making it all convenient in one location. There are filters on this site for neighborhood, services, and guest ranking, further assisting and educating travelers about certain options in hotels in that particular location.

3 -

Claiming to be able to book 1.2 million hotels throughout over 200 countries, this is a very user-friendly site that enables users to first check hotels by their star rating and getting more specific as the user scrolls down the page and makes more clicks. This site enables users to reserve a space at a hotel and pay either digitally or at the hotel at check-in, a very nice convenience travelers appreciate.

4 - Orbitz

One of the clearest and most easy to use hotel booking sites, they provide a number of filters on the left side of the page, and a convenient 'Sort by' tab enabling users to go straight to their specific area of interest. They have their very popular 'Orbitz Rewards' initiative, as well as their 'Or bucks' promotion program, enabling travelers to save a considerable amount of money if they are a frequent flyer.

5 - TripAdvisor

This is an extraordinary site that operates both a very user-friendly website and mobile app. It offers a wide variety of booking options for hotels, as well as for transportation, restaurants, and travel experiences. The real nice feature on their hotel booking site is the clear comparisons they make in hotel room rates among three different hotel booking sites, giving travelers the option here of finding their best room rate simply off that hotel's main page.

6 - Agoda

One of the "newer" online travel agencies, it is a "metasearch engine" for a variety of services beyond hotel bookings, which include airport transfers, flights, and vacation rentals. Travelers that enjoy or perhaps rely on booking accommodations via mobile app seem to migrate to Agoda, as roughly half of their business is done in this format. The Grab mobile app is popular on Agoda. And Agoda also offers Android and iOS apps for property and hotel owners.