The Best Brands of Luggage Take One Worry Out of Travel

Going on a vacation is supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating – but that doesn't mean there's no stress involved. From the early stages of trip planning, there are all kinds of details that can cause travelers to worry.

One of the big ones revolves around packing all of the things needed for a long journey. It can be quite stressful to find a place for every little thing, especially when the resulting bulging bag will have to make it through airport baggage handling. But having the right kind of luggage can make the act of packing for a trip a painless experience. While luggage can’t make a vacation great, it can definitely ruin a vacation when it doesn’t function properly. Here are 5 of the best luggage brands that will take that one worry out of travel.

1 – Away

Although they're something of a newcomer to the luggage market – launching in 2015 – Away is a brand with almost unequaled name recognition in the market. It began when founder Jen Rubio had her luggage break in a busy Swiss airport. The result was a company that went on to offer a line of wheeled suitcases with a twist – they include an optional built-in battery for charging mobile devices on the go. They come in multiple versions, including hard-shell, aluminum, and expandable. But the one thing they all have in common is that they give travelers plenty of space for the things they need to carry and are durable enough to survive a trip around the world.

2 – Samsonite

For travelers looking for a luggage brand that has quite literally stood the test of time, Samsonite makes a perfect choice. They're one of the grandfathers of luggage brands, having been in continuous operation since 1910. In that time, the company earned a reputation for quality and durability that's unlike any other luggage brand. Plus, they offer various luggage pieces to suit every conceivable travel need – and every possible budget. They build years of design experience into every bag they make, so theirs is a true no-compromise approach that delights travelers around the world year after year.

3 – Briggs and Riley

As any frequent traveler can attest, even top-of-the-line luggage struggles to stand up to the punishment that comes with constant use. That's where Briggs and Riley Luggage excels. Theirs is a line of luggage built from things like reinforced fiberglass and ballistic nylon. They can take anything that an airport, taxi, or cruise line can throw at them – even if they actually throw your bags. Although the bags aren't cheap, they are usually the last set of bags a traveler will ever have to buy. They even come with a complete lifetime warranty. So if anything ever gets damaged or broken, the company will replace the item free of charge.

4 – Rimowa

There aren't many types of luggage that would be instantly recognized by travelers around the world, but Rimowa is one of the few. Like Samsonite, they've been around forever, beginning in Germany back in 1898. Their designs focus on style and durability above almost all else. For that reason, most of their major products are of the hard-shell variety. They even make a line of luggage that's built to protect the expensive equipment of film crews from everything ranging from arctic cold to the humidity of the tropics. Of course, Rimowa luggage is some of the most expensive on the market today, but for good reason. Maybe that's why they're favored by celebrities like LeBron James and Kim Kardashian.

5 – Travelpro

There aren't many people in the world that travel more frequently than international airline crews. There's one thing that many of them have in common: they're big fans of luggage from Travelpro. That makes sense. The founder of the company was himself an airline pilot, who grew tired of lugging around heavy luggage that would break after a month or two of continuous use. As a result, the company makes luggage designed to be lightweight and durable – the kind of products that flight crews can depend on. For that reason, many of their products are soft-sided, lightweight, and made to fit in the confines of an airplane. Their carry ons are always acceptable and their larger checked bags can fit everything needed for short-or-long trips.